The Perfect Woman “We are not perfect and we do not want to be”

As a social entrepreneur I have created The Perfect Woman. A blog that aims to contribute to the empowerment of women worldwide by conducting interviews with women from different fields so they can give us their opinion about their gender perspective, how they see women in their sectors, how they look to themselves.

Stories of women who believe in what they do, who inspire us and who give us an example in many facets of life, both professionally and personally. Because each one is perfect in its own way …

The objectives of The Perfect Woman is to collaborate with altruistic causes while sharing stories of professional success, informing about the issues that interest us and opening doors to gender equality. To generate a society that supports and struggles together to grow in the empowerment of women worldwide.

Currently, both in the most developed countries and in the third world, women are subject to discrimination, violence, abuse … For this reason we want and must generate synergies among us that unite us and inspire us to work together towards a better world.

Together we add, separated we subtract … men are also welcome!